The Technology Coordinator's Handbook by Max Frazier

The Technology Coordinator's Handbook

Book Title: The Technology Coordinator's Handbook

Publisher: International Society for Technology in Education

ISBN: 1564842118

Author: Max Frazier

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Max Frazier with The Technology Coordinator's Handbook

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The technology coordinator's job is in flux. Statewide certification programs are slowly being developed, but there's little general consensus on what this position should entail. Tech coordinators may handle a wide variety of complex tasks-from instructional support to network management to technology budgeting and planning-and need a comprehensive guide. This handbook provides precisely that: a detailed introduction to the roles and functions performed by tech coordinators, the key issues they face, and the basic skills and qualifications needed to fulfill their responsibilities. Written for both working tech coordinators and those preparing to enter the profession, this essential reference has been field-tested and validated to provide leaders with the information and resources they need to effectively manage school and district technology operations.

Comprehensive discussion of the technology coordinator's role in K-12 schools and districts
Examination of each of the essential skills and qualifications needed for technology leadership
Resources for professional development and certification, grant writing, and E-rate filing

Topics include:

-network management
-technology planning
-technology director
-professional development

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